At RODEEDED, we firmly believe that the best beef cuts are the starting point of your culinary escapades.
We use only 100% French-Thai beef “Charolais” especially molasses-fed and raised by professional ranchers.
Over 40 years of improving its breed, our French 2-year-old cows are a natural, chemical-free, final product,
having been well-marbled from its genes. According to the palatability of our beef cuts,
there are 6 extensive types we offer. Our secret? We age meat properly in the enclosed quarter
where the temperature is controlled between 0 to -4 °C for 30 days. The result is impressive: top-quality
cuts with rich beefy flavour, velvety fat and mouth-melting texture.


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Sirloin is a cut of meat from the cattle thigh. Particularly tender with lean fat, the beef is an amateur meat lover. To bring out its most desirable beefy flavour, our beef cuts that have been well raised and properly aged should be prepared in a moderate boiling water.

Shoulder Blade

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Taken from the cattle shoulder, this beef cut has a moderate marbling in its texture. This kind of meat is leaner and gives richer beefy flavour than that of the sirloin.


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Paleron in French means a finely cut of beef from the shoulder of cattle carcass. The tenderness of which is higher than that of the former two as its marbling can be ranged from 2 – 5, having 2 is the maximum in dense and sweet taste. This is a good pick for those who love tenderness and leanness. While 4-5 marbling is mouth-melting as it consists high unsaturated fat density. Our rare beef cut is 5-starred: its velvety tenderness is the most sought-after among hardcore meat lovers.

Short Rib

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Short rib is a popular cut of beef taken from the inside cattle rib. It's fat density varies from 2 to 5. Meatier, springier and fattier than others, its texture is tough and chewy when hitting the palate. Taste it once, and you will never stop asking for more and more.


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Don’t like bones or anything to hinder your chewing? Our rib-eye is a must. With the smoothest texture, least grain and beefiest flavour, this kind of beef cut are also available in at RODDEEDED. Soup from the absolute tastiest cut on the cow is also considered super delicious. Never miss to taste it yourself.


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Our Wagyu beef is directly imported from Australia. Particularly fed with fresh grass and kept in an open environment, the meat is odour-free and less fat (5 - 10). With the extreme aging of 60 days, the precise cuts developed their unique tenderness and intensified the beefy flavour.